Monday, August 23, 2010


At perth now.Long stay again.This is my 2nd time now but this time I like to spend my time alone.

Spend the 1st day with a few colleagues,walked to Harbour Town.It was much colder than I expected when there's wind blows.Came back early to the hotel room,wanted to watched tv but something went wrong with the tv.The cute receptionist tried to fix it but still cannot watch,he felt bad so he gave me and my room mate complimentary breakfast to compensate.Slept early,woke up a few times in between to call my love and the bed was quite warm so I woke up to get some air.

Woke up early to go for breakfast with another colleague cos my room mate is fasting.Its a normal buffet english breakfast.Took us about 2 hours to go back up to the room cos we were chatting looking out the street and enjoyed the feeling.It was really a different feeling waking up early to have breakfast in a cold weather country.Its so laid back and relax.Looking at those people walking on the street on their way to their work place,took their own sweet time with no sense of urgency no stress faces no traffic jams and they looked so fresh not like what you can see in KL.Same goes like what I can see in Melbourne the last time I was there.I don't need to be worried that I'm walking alone on the street no one will look at me or give me that kind of 'look' even when I'm jogging or cycling.

I really wish I could migrate to this places.One day.Despite their racism.

Gonna go out alone now..look around myself.Ciaoz


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