Saturday, August 14, 2010


Been busy for some updates lately or should I say my mind is TOO OCCUPIED by too many unwanted thoughts or things that happened lately.

There is this new friend I gotta know few weeks back when I was at a bar(without my boyfriend).After getting know each other,we add each other into our facebook.After that night,we met back again like after a week or so.

He found out that I have a boyfriend via facebook(not I don't want to tell him,he just didn't ask).Bla bla bla chit chat and all that suddenly he said I'm not a good girl(okay I was suprised).Then I asked why.He was quite reluctant to tell me until I forced him to.He said he saw all my clubbing pictures etc. etc and even read my blog and even my old blog!I was like 'so?' and he said 'aiyah...just be more obedient lah your boyfriend seems like a very good guy and you shouldn't do all this'.So I raised my voice a little and I ask DO WHAT?! and he just kept quiet.

Hello?!who the fuck are you to judge who am I by just looking at my pictures and blogs and my ex-boyfriends?!How you know that I AM that kind of person?!

Then he started changing his words...Oh no lah I think you're not that kind of person also,you're not that bad.

Fuck you lah!What NOT THAT BAD?!knnccb!

Stop stalking me you ASSHOLE!


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