Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KK Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan Trip

It's been a long long time..longer than I could ever imagine that I will be back blogging again. Life changed. No longer a sky waitress. Now I'm working at an advertising agency, a so called 9-6  10-6 job as an Account Executive/Personal Assistant for about 6 months now.

How's life treating me so far? Not bad.Surviving. 

Went to Kota Kinabalu last week with my other half. Despite my phone is dead, blackberry to be exact, sad, heartbroken, lifeless and yet the trip was great.

It was a short trip actually, 3D2N. We didn't climb the Mount Kinabalu as time is very limited but we had lots of nice food. Think about it makes me hungry. We went to Manukan Island and Sapi Island, not that great. Even he said there's nothing to see when he snorkels, no wonder it is cheap, only RM27/pax to go to 2 islands and RM3 to enter Manukan Island for Malaysians and RM10 for foreigners. So here's a tip - if you're a foreigner, write that you're from somewhere in Malaysia eg. KL, Johor, Ipoh etc. on their guestbook to save your RM7. :D

Seafood was super awesome! Super fresh! We went to 2 different seafood restaurants; one is Gayang Seafood Restaurant and one is Salut Seafood Restaurant. Gayang was the best, everything is fresh with a nice view too and most importantly it is really very cheap. We ordered prawns, crab, scallop, snails and a vege, it only costs us RM90.

Salut was just ok. Not that great. We ordered soft-shell crab, prawns, sotong, lala and a vege. Sotong was disappointing because it was frozen! FROZEN!!! and its super expensive! But the ambiance was not bad can see the sunset.

Nothing much to do in KK actually other than feeding yourself. And their prices is about the same as KL.Their shopping comment. Probably it would be much better if you go with a group of friends. Oh ya...don't rent a car from the airport.

Now that I'm back. Damn! my life is boring without blackberry. No whatsapp no bbm no facebook no sad :( 

So what do you think I should get? On my list now is...well actually I've already made up my mind. I'll go for blackberry torch 9810. Why not wait for Iphone5? No offence but I'm not gonna effing queue for that overrated phone. Peace!


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