Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obviously I got nothing to do..:p

Training in Sitiawan is coming to an end real soon! :D

Not that I don't like to be back home but life back here is pretty boring. No happy hour after work and people here are quite B.O.R.I.N.G. Wanna wear a little bit prettier, skirt one palm above the knee also get all those aunties and pervert uncle eyes looking at you one kind. My casual make up with eyeliner also consider as heavy make up,I'm like - whaattt?!.And those killer heels that I brought back is still in the luggage bag. -_-"

Apart from all that, life back home are I can say-peaceful. I got homecooked food and soups. No jams,no queues...just lots of traffic lights and tortoises on the road. I honked quite a lot when I'm driving here.

And today, I'm craving for TGI Friday's buffalo wings. I miss KL so much. Thank God Cherry is here with me for this week.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Its a self-advisory post v1.

Misery never seems to even think of breaking up with me after a few attempts of me trying to, till a state where one of my friend even asked me when she can get my reply saying that 'I'm good' in a delightful way when she asked 'How are you?'. Well I wished my dear.

After a number of rejections, controversies and misconceptions happened for the past few months, well not that I've never been misconceived before but lately it got worst. I know I'm responsible for my actions that took them that way but I am just being myself, expressing what I feel and doing what I feel like doing as long as I know where my limit is.

I somehow realized as the world evolves we no longer live for ourselves, we live to impress people, to impose ourselves to be what and how people would like us to be. Is this how it should be? And what if you don't? With the technology and the power of social networks these days, within seconds you could be down to nothing or you suddenly become famous either in a good way or bad.

As much as you don't want to care somehow it will still effect you. So how? Lock yourself up, stay at home and not see anyone? NO! Just be yourself. If they can't accept you for who you are, what for you hold on to them. Just smile and spend the rest of the day being yourself without feeling guilty to yourself. :)

Disclaimer : This post is not about anyone. Don't perasan and think this post is about you. #justsaying


What if...

I'm sure a lot of people have questioned themselves 'What if..' at least once in their lifetime. So do I. I've made lots of mistakes in life. Bad decisions. Sometimes Influenced. Took lots of risk. Failed lots of time.

What if I've continue to pursue in my studies?
What if I've never joined AA?
What if I've never quit AA?
What if I didn't take the job offer from E?
What if I never quit E?
What if I never meet those people I've met?
What if ......

I guess only God has the answers to all these questions. Sometimes I regret sometimes I don't. Whether or not, all of these taught me a lesson-somehow or rather.

Well AA taught well on me how to take shits, the long hours, the packed roster, how to be 'fake', what's the meaning of 'don't judge a book by it's cover' literally, how to apologize just for the sake of it, how to not trust people, how materialistic and how mean this world can be *or maybe just in Malaysia*. No matter how bad the experience were, I had to admit it made me a stronger and a much mature person now.

My ex-manager once told me the reason why he hired me, he said 'ex-stewardess take a lot of shit from people, its not an easy job to handle so many people at the same time'. True. I left AA with no experience at all, as in career related, and I joined E as a Account/Client Servicing Executive. Everything was new to me except for handling client part but these kinda client were totally different. It was hard to cope in the beginning, made lots of mistakes, disappoint lots of people/colleagues but thank God I have good colleagues and my ex-boss who gave me lots of opportunity to learn, forgave me and never ever stop teaching me, not only work related, even life philosophy, general knowledge. But unfortunately life has never been good to me every since I left AA-financially, been struggling my whole year and then I decided to go back to flying.

I've tried Korean Air, I get through the final round and went for medical check-up all the way in Seoul. Sad to say, I failed the last round. I know you guys might be thinking - drugs?! Hell NO! and the reason they gave me is that I'm not tall enough and I actually passed the first round of physical test during the first interview. How STUPID is that?! And I've already tender my resignation. I know I can always take it back but I decided not to.

Then I went to SIA interview, passed everything except for the skin check, AGAIN!Sighh....wanted to try the other middle east airlines but I gave up. Went to a few company for interview, luckily all the company that I went to consider in hiring me but I rejected all of them. I decided to wait.

3 months later, I started with my new job. So here I am, new job new industry. Good luck and all the best to me.