Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking the next step..

Lately, going to work is such a dreadful thing to do. I just feel like staying at home and spend time with Cherry. Going to work doesn't excite me anymore, I don't feel motivated. Its gonna be a year now by month end. I'd decided to leave this company since January, my birthday, my most memorable day, the one I will remember for life, the day I was supposed to be happy, the day where I was blamed that 90% of the mistake was mine. I was heartbroken. Nope I didn't cry, I strongly hold my tears back and forced a smile on my face. I went back to my desk and quickly opened Microsoft Words...and I don't know how to start. Then I think again and I closed the window. 

Weeks passed, I applied for a few jobs. None called. After about a month plus, some company that I didn't apply for actually called me to go for interview. One even offered me a very attractive package and wants me to start immediately but I told them I'll think about it. They called me every week to ask if I'm interested. At last I rejected the offer.

15 days more it's gonna be my second interview for Korean Air. Yup, the airlines. How much I hated Air Asia but I missed the night stops and the advantages of cheap air tickets. Why I choose Korean Air is because it is based in KL so that I won't miss home, family and friends, clubs and parties. LOL. Well I'm excited...nervous, don't know what the future may bring, don't know whether am I doing the right decision. But then again,you never try you will never know. Just go with the flow, be stronger than ever and enjoy every single moment of it, I will never know that I might learn something out of it, good or bad, my choice, my decision and I will have to bear the consequences. 

So please pray for me for those who is reading my blog.