Saturday, June 2, 2012

Somebody that you used to know..

Sometimes is because of distance, sometimes is because of self-esteem and sometimes is because of respect that you can’t be with the person you loved. Tried to stay friends but you realize that you cared too much and you will get jealous when you see them with other person. Tried to move on with someone else but you can’t open up yourself and you don’t have that amount of feelings to give in.

You know that things can't be like this all the time, so you slowly drift apart, came out with some stupid arguement so that you both get really angry and then not see each other again. Months passed, every little thing you do, everywhere you go and everything you see..its all about that someone that you used to know. When you bumped into each other, you acted like nothing happened, just like friends but inside of you, you're dying to tell that someone you used to know how much you missed crazy. Even more heartbreaking that you see it in their eyes that they missed you too..

P.s: Go watch movie like ‘Like Crazy’ to ‘One Day’ and lastly a Cantonese love movie ‘Romancing in thin air’