Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hate it when they honk while driving pass me!Hate it when they open up their car windows to say 'hi' or 'amoi' or some stupid crap!Hate it when they whisper to their friends in front of me and give me the 'molesting me' stare!Hate it when I get so much attention when i'm in my uniform especially with my very red lipstick!

Just came back from Ipoh yesterday.After a week of relaxation mode,sort of,cos I 'm there for 3 days then came back to work for 3 days and went back there again straight after work for 2 days,I can't adjust back to my working mode.

This month is gonna be a busy so-called travelling month for me because I'm off on the weekends.Going back to Sitiawan this weekend.After Sitiawan gonna go for a week of A330 class which I no longer excited about it.Other than I got night stops that I can shop for things that I can't find in Malaysia and a little bit more in my pocket every month,I would rather not doing A330 aka Air Asia X.And not to mention 3rd time slide drill  2nd time CBT and exams.Arggghhh!Stress just to think about it.

Don't think about it now....let's go get pretty and attend the AXE fragrance at Ministry of Sound Euphoria!

Signing off

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