Friday, June 4, 2010

It feels good...

When I open the compartment yesterday morning to keep my things before I start to work,I found a make-up bag and a note book in it.Without thinking twice I open the note book and check who's the owner but no name written so I just assumed.Good enough when I checked my bb upon arrival at Miri I saw an email.There's this colleague who was asking about the make-up bag.I texted her when I finished work.She was so happy to know that I kept it for her.She told me that she cried when she found out it was gone.She keeps thanking me and wanna give me something in return,she even want to see me in person to thank me.If it was other people,she might not even get it back.

To be very honest,I never helped someone who will thank me until like this.For the very first time I felt appreciated,really and I felt touched too.Just a simple thing like this.I was amazed.

With lots of love,

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