Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obviously I got nothing to do..:p

Training in Sitiawan is coming to an end real soon! :D

Not that I don't like to be back home but life back here is pretty boring. No happy hour after work and people here are quite B.O.R.I.N.G. Wanna wear a little bit prettier, skirt one palm above the knee also get all those aunties and pervert uncle eyes looking at you one kind. My casual make up with eyeliner also consider as heavy make up,I'm like - whaattt?!.And those killer heels that I brought back is still in the luggage bag. -_-"

Apart from all that, life back home are I can say-peaceful. I got homecooked food and soups. No jams,no queues...just lots of traffic lights and tortoises on the road. I honked quite a lot when I'm driving here.

And today, I'm craving for TGI Friday's buffalo wings. I miss KL so much. Thank God Cherry is here with me for this week.


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