Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wine and some love songs...

Sometimes being alone is not that bad after all. It’s been awhile since I’ve enjoy this kinda moment, I remembered the last time was … 2 years ago. And tonight I’m all alone at home with my radio on and a few glasses of white wine.

Last Friday night I was partying with my colleagues… and my girls – how can I miss them out! Sorry to the birthday boys, I guess I dumped them aside and my colleagues and boss too…I was just too busy with my girls as usual. But there’s drama at the end of that night, this one cried that one cried. Well, sometimes a shoulder to cry on, some pat on the back and a hug is all we wanted. Had a chat with my friend till 6 in the morning telling her the facts in life then suddenly after that conversation I’m amazed with myself, I’m speaking my thoughts out.

Have you ever fall in love with someone who is totally wrong for you? You’ve tried your best to change that person to the one who is totally right for you. You failed.  After all, that person will go back to their same old self because they changes because you want them to. And realized that they were not happy being the changed person that you want them to be.

Have you fall in love with someone who is so right for you but is not the type/material that you want? That you know someday you will wake up and say – “what’s wrong with me?” or “who is he/she?”  And then you’ve tried your best to change that person to the one who is as wrong as you. You might succeed but are they really the one you wanna be with for a long time?

And when you think he/she’s the one, he/she changed. Like suddenly or when you find out his/her little secret or past that you never wanna know. You were disappointed.  And your feelings changed too.

All I wanted to say is – nothing is certain and no one is perfect. You won’t know what will happen in a split second. People can change in just a split second. Something like when you wake up one day and decided you wanna do something and no one can make you change your mind even though you’ll regret about it. Choice is in your hand. And no matter it is true or not, you think that God has a plan for you and there’s a reason why he put you in all these.

Just enjoy life as it is. Do whatever you want that makes you happy. Why make it so complicated when it will only make you miserable all the time? If it’s not working out, why wanna force yourself to be someone other than yourselves in order to make things right? Why control your feelings when you know you can't control it at all? 

Choice is in your hands. No one can take that away from you once you've make up your mind. As long as you are happy.


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